Sports Hub offers various sports-related events at their stadium. They were looking to drive footfall and traffic to their events and activities. We ran ads on Google and Facebook, targeting families and people interested in Sports.

creative holography holographic audio ads
Creative Super X Fi
Creative Technology

Creative launched an exciting new product with the potential to change the world of audio. With this new audio holography product, they wanted to find out the most impactful message/visual that would drive the most sales.

We tested a series of visuals and copy and tracked the clicks and sales coming from each ad. A clear winner emerged.

China Airlines

Consumer behaviour is changing in the travel industry. Travellers are not as brand conscious when it comes to choosing airlines. China Airlines was competing with similar sounding airlines like China Air, China Eastern and other brands travelling the same routes like Eva Air and Tiger Air.

With the help of Google and Facebook ads, China Airlines was able to reach over 500,000 people online, increasing sales as a result.