Custom Chatbot for SMEs at only $10/Day

Are you a solopreneur or SME owner who’s struggling with handling customer enquiries?

Our chatbot has been proven to:

  • Reduce customer service response time by 50%
  • Improve conversion rate by 10% with instant responses
  • Cut cost on customer service staff

Our clients include B2C and B2B brands such as Sports Hub, Fuji Xerox, FlyScoot, NUS and more.

Benefits of using our Chatbot

  • No Coding Skills Required
  • Editable with Microsoft Word – Go live within 1 day
  • Increase Conversion Rate by 10%

Positive Feedback from Clients

Without any training, I only need a couple of hours a month to manage my AI Chatbot.

University programme administrator

Our customer can get quality responses to their queries anytime, anywhere, in their desired language. This has definitely engaged their interest to further their interaction with us.

Department Manager

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