The following are some popular AI tools that can be beneficial for creating and optimizing ads on multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Google. These tools are especially beneficial to ecommerce/estore brands that are looking to get the best ROI out of their ads.

AdCreative.AI: Generate multiple ad creatives, text, and headlines in seconds that can be used across multiple social media ad platforms.


Offeo is a Simple and powerful video creation platform. Create amazing video ads and content in less than 3 minutes. Comes with 3M+ Shutterstock images/footage. Your videos can be customized to suit any platforms: Square formats, Vertical formats and Landscape formats


Repurpose makes it easy to automate your content workflow – one post, multiple platforms. Focus on creating great content, with Repurpose.io you’ll expand your audience with ease and save time.

  1. Revealbot: Revealbot uses AI to automate ad management on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads, helping to optimize ad performance.

  1. Pattern89: Pattern89 is an AI advertising platform that analyzes data from previous ad campaigns to predict the most effective creative elements for future campaigns.
  2. Phrasee: Phrasee uses natural language generation and AI to create engaging and high-converting ad copy for various channels.
  3. Adext AI: Adext is an AI-powered tool that optimizes Google and Facebook ads using predictive algorithms.
  4. Madgicx: Madgicx is an AI-driven ad management platform that automates and optimizes ad campaigns on various social media platforms.
  5. Acquisio: Acquisio is an AI-powered ad platform that helps manage and optimize online advertising campaigns across multiple channels.
  6. Cortex: Cortex is an AI marketing platform that uses machine learning to optimize ad creative for better performance.
  7. Amplify.ai: Amplify.ai is an AI-powered chatbot platform that can be used to create interactive and personalized ad experiences for customers.
  8. Quantcast: Quantcast uses AI-driven audience targeting and ad optimization to help advertisers reach their desired audiences effectively.

Please note that the landscape of AI tools for advertising is continuously evolving, and new tools may have emerged since my last update. Additionally, the effectiveness of these tools may vary based on your specific advertising needs and target audience. It’s always recommended to research and test different tools to find the best fit for your advertising strategy.